Women Are Power — Be the best you there is!

Women Are Power — Be the best you there is!

Editor’s notes: This International Women's Day, I invited a woman who inspires me, my mother-in-law, Connie, to talk about Women Power.

Despite the many movements and hashtags today, to try and argue that we are equal to men, the essential truth is that we already are. 

While it might be true that as a gender, we are softer and less muscular, but the fact is we are the one gender that has survived the perils and pain of childbirth since time immemorial, only to forget all of that and look lovingly at the newborn who has arrived into our arms. This speaks volumes for the strength and space which is what the woman is made of.

Therefore, there needs to be no argument or debate about how we need to prove ourselves. 

Our empowerment comes from knowing who we already are – a species who possesses a vault of stamina, patience, and an ability to love beyond our own bloodline.

Women Are Power

There are so many women to whom we can look up to, who’ve carried the torch or blazed the trail for the ones who’ve not spoken up for themselves. 

But I will say too that I salute those quieter ones of us, who have done just that, silently (and sometimes less silently), who know the bigger good does come from looking beyond one’s immediate rewards. This is because we know how much better the collective good will be if we all listened to each other more deeply and then spoke more gently. We all truly are one another, the one in the all and vice versa.

Women Are Power

If there was a woman I could say inspired me, there would be too many. What I will say is that the first inspiration must come from each of us as we journey through life. I urge you to look into the mirror every day and know that in that image, lies a person with a wealth of capabilities to make a difference in the world. Touch those elements of calm and wisdom, nurture them for the benefit of the planet. Be the best YOU there is! 

Editor’s notes: Eastnomads is a women-led brand that is aiming to bring beautiful Chinese goods to the world. And that's why we also want to share this mother-daughter owned brand PEARLONA to you .


a contemporary Chinese jewellery brand, designed by mother-daughter duo Grace and Joyce. 

"My mother is my role model who inspires me. She taught me that no matter what age you are, you have the right to pursue your dreams. Especially as a woman, we need to be brave enough to take the first step, and the rest will always work out."

- Daughter Joyce

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