Eastnomads founders

From The Beginning

From The Beginning

For many, “Made in China” is often equated with low-cost, low-quality goods — but that isn’t always the case.


How It Began

Best-friends Lilian and Lynn have a penchant for beautifully crafted Chinese goods that tell stories. But having lived overseas for almost 10 years, they experienced first hand how difficult it was to find modern Chinese brands abroad and  how unaware the rest of the world was of the quality, beauty, and functionality that these brands possess. 

So we decided to take matters into our own hands and started EASTNOMADS. By bringing you the best selection of modern Chinese brands and designers, we are here to redefine and challenge what 'Made in China' means.



" What products are you most excited to share with the world? "


Eastnomads about us

Lilian: I want to introduce some of my favourite Chinese homeware brands. Currently, most Chinese brands in the market (outside of China) have a very traditional style and can seem old-fashioned. But actually, there are a lot of exciting Chinese homeware brands. These brands are very good at combining Chinese elements with modern designs. By introducing these brands, I hope to broaden people’s horizons and understanding of Chinese designs.

Lynn: Jewellery! I myself am a person who likes to wear a lot of jewellery and accessories. I’ve been really into jade and pearls these days. Jade and pearls used to be reserved only for grandmas, but over the last decade, there have been so many amazing jewellery brands with a trendy and modernist aesthetic. I think these designers really help popularise jade and pearls among the younger folks. 

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