Spice Box

Style Sky Blue

As the product is handmade, the quantity is limited. If you have more orders or request for customisation, please email us: Info@eastnomads.co

- Size: L: 9.5cm, W: 8.5cm, H: 8.5cm
- Material: Glazed porcelain 
- Origin: Handcrafted in Jingdezhen, China

As every piece is handmade, you may find slight differences in shapes and colour. 

The 5th Rice was first established in 2012 by American ceramic artist Jeremy Vaughan. Since then, Jeremy partnered up with Jingdezhen-based Chinese ceramic artist Yue Shu to further explore the role of food and its relationship with our cultural identities. Today, the duo enjoys creating objects that complement the ritual of eating.

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Editor’s Note

The 5th Rice’s Spice Box was designed to complement mealtimes, as designers Jeremy and Yue Shu find inspiration from food and its relationship with different cultures.

Available in mint, sky blue and white, the unique design of the spice box is sure to stand out on your dining table. The abstract curved appearance of the box does not hamper its ability to sit snugly on surfaces, while its handle comes with a rounded spout on top for easy closure.

It has ample depth to allow for spices and other dry condiments, and pairs well with the imperfectly perfect small spoons in the same collection. It also doubles up as a jewellery holder, beautiful for a dressing table.