Ink Stone Pearl Hair Clips

Style Four Pearls Hair Clip

- Material: Clay, shell pearl, Stainless steel Hair Clip
- Four Pearls Hair Clip Size: L*W*H 60mm*15mm*6mm
- Pearl Line Hair Clip Size: L*W*H  70mm*10mm*7mm
- Double Pearls Hair Clip Size: L*W*H 55mm*11mm*5mm
- Origin: Handcrafted in China

METOO WORKSHOP was founded in Beijing in 2015 by two young jewellery designers, Eva Duan and Chen Wei Wei. Sometimes in life, one may blurt out "Me, too!" when they see something someone else likes. This moment is the foundation of METOO WORKSHOP -- the hope that everyone can find their "Me, too" moment here too.

Editor’s Note

This collection is inspired by the ink stone of traditional Chinese calligraphy, combined with modern pearls in a black and white classic configuration that embodies a retro playful mood.

These unique hair clips are handmade from black clay and topped with shell pearls.
Slip it into tousled tresses or a low ponytail for retro statement look.