Single Bamboo Rhythm Earrings

- Material:Platinum Plated 925 Sterling Silver, natural horseshoe snail shell
- Length: 10cm
- Origin: Handcrafted in China

These earrings come as a pair.

METOO WORKSHOP was founded in Beijing in 2015 by two young jewellery designers, Eva Duan and Chen Wei Wei.

Sometimes in life, one may blurt out "Me, too!" when they see something someone else likes. This moment is the foundation of METOO WORKSHOP -- the hope that everyone can find their "Me, too" moment here too.

Editor’s Note

If the Long Bamboo Rhythm Earrings are too much for you, we recommend going with Single Bamboo Rhythm Earrings that are more suitable for daily wear. These pieces feature a bamboo shape that is finished with Silver and Natural Horseshoe Snail Shell. Each piece is handcrafted, showing blurring the lines between jewellery and nature. The Horseshoe Snail Shell silhouette falls well past the jaw and moves softly with every step.

They'll look good with whatever you have inside your closet.

These earrings come as a pair.